Prost Y'all!

Original songs by Valina

This is a work in progress that started without warning in March of 2020.  Well, that's not completely true, in the summer of 2019, Valina set out to write a song as a surprise for the Tomball German Festivals that would be celebrating its 20 years anniversary in March of 2020.  It took several months, but she managed to write a song that was catchy and fun.  Ross, Robert, Jeff, and Pastor Tiews, all approved of it, so Ross arranged it on paper, and the song was born.  With the sudden shut down in 2020, Valina woke up at all hours of the night singing lyrics to melodies that were rolling from out of seemingly nowhere, so she began recording herself, typing lyrics, and, well, writing songs.  Below are a few samples of her unique folk music.   Enjoy!