Holiday to Franconia, Germany's former east side, Czech Republic / Bohemia, and Bavaria;  June 2024! 

This trip includes 2 nights in Franconia, 7 nights in former East Germany, 3 nights in the Czech Republic, 1 night in a Bavarian brewery, and 3 nights in southern Bavaria.  

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Kutna Hora is one of the many places we'll visit during the first 2 weeks of the tour in 2024. Unlike large group tours, you will have time to truly take in the culture and flavors that surround you in each place we visit! Image by RaKr_2 from Pixabay

The beautiful city of Bautzen! Image by Riana van Staden from Pixabay

Like Oma creating her perfect Sunday meal from scratch, great care is taken when choosing the activities, adventures and flavors of your vacation.  Not only is there a lot of fun, but also plenty of time to relax and truly enjoy your time away from home.  You'll be able to spend quality time with your loved ones and new friends.  You'll make memories to last a lifetime.  Traveling with Lustig Tours, you'll have a wonderful and unforgettable holiday!