Thank You

Thank y'all so much for all of your support during these unprecedented times!  Thank you for sharing our online shows, joining in when we do activities, and sending tips.  You have helped us keep this business going.  Thank you to all who have invited us to play Backyard Oktoberfests, Christmas Celebrations, and private concerts!  It has been our pleasure to bring you this festive music and to see you smiling and celebrating!  

We would not be able to continue down the path of running this business that we've poured decades of hard work, investment in instruments and equipment in to get us where we are without your love, friendship and support. Since hosting tours, coordinating events, and dance teaching are all still on hold, the only lifeline our business has is you, and the support you give us for the music we're playing. You are all blessings to us. Thank you! 

A big PROST to Paulaner USA, The Sauer Kraut Grill, KC Bier Co, Siegi's Sausage Factory and Restaurant, and Saint Arnold Brewing Company for the support they gave us during the online show days.  We're eager to continue doing all we can to help your businesses weather this storm. There's a big party waiting when the world heals - and we can't wait! 

If you have the means and would like to contribute for the online shows to help keep the music going, click on the online shop to buy a fun t-shirt, hat pin or CD for someone.  These make great gifts year round!  Don't carry cash to live shows any more?  Drop a tip in the tip boot that links to our paypal.   Or make a check to Das Ist Lustig, PO Box 424, Sugar Land, TX, 77487.   

Valina's been writing some original music!  Check out a few of the videos recorded in 2020 here! 

Want to see the past online shows?  Most are available in the photo album "videos" on valina's facebook page.  They are also available on the Valina Polka youtube page.  You can even compare the first videos to the newer ones, and see the difference in the internet speed, which was upgraded April 18, 2020 and the new camera and software, finally in use May 23, 2020!  While you're at the youtube page, make sure to subscribe!

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