update on Ross' computer building and tests. Thursday May 14  

It's obvious as we check social media in the morning that many people are beginning to go back to public places.  It's good to see, yet it's still scary with all the unknowns.  But when has life ever promised to provide a plan?  I mean, we can plan as much as we want, but things don't always go as planned. 

But enough about all that mess.  Life in the Lustig Haus has stayed pretty busy.  Valina has hit another wall with song writing, but keeps working at it.  If nothing else, there's a little autoharp rehearsal going on.  Ross has continued to run tests on the computer to make the online shows as top quality as possible with the equipment and finances available.  The test run last Saturday (Valina's bar scene starring Little Dipper. their toy bird that "drinks" water) went pretty well, even switching between different cameras, AND captions!  Hopefully that will all still work this Saturday! 

Sunday morning, when we got home from church, where Ross is also assisting with the online video / sound, one of our laptops crashed, so Ross has been working for the past several days to get it wiped clean and re-built.  Dang computers!  We can't live with them, or without them!

We did an online poll asking which platform for the live performance people preferred; facebook or youtube.  Facebook, allowing real time comments and replies was the big winner with most of our online audience.  A few people are still only able to catch our shows on youtube, so we'll make sure to save the facebook videos, then load them to youtube. 

Not a lot else to discuss right now.  We hope to see you this Saturday night! 

Corona Virus Happenings March 12 - May 4, 2020 

This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone on this planet.  Dr's, nurses, small business, individual and family owned restaurants, event planners, people in the service industry, and musicians are getting an extra hard hit by the current illness and shut downs.  That is nowhere near as painful as the loss of a family member or a loved one that could be avoided by keeping our distance, and being patient through this "hold" in time.  So while we're weathering the storm, we are thankful for everyone staying home to keep the curve low! 

For the band, things are still uncertain.  They don't know when the restaurants and events they play for will be able to open to enough visitors to support their live music.  They don't know when they'll be allowed to play public shows again.  The trip Valina has spent over a year designing, planning, and purchasing advertisement for has been postponed to June 2021, and the couple of gigs they had booked in June have also been cancelled.  Of course, over time, these uncertainties will work themselves out, they always do.  But in the meantime, Valina has been writing songs, cleaning and organizing while Ross has switched his focus to upgrading their internet connection so they can provide a better quality live stream when they do their online shows.  Ross is also nurturing trees and plants in the garden.  They've both been rehearsing, hopeful things will turn around in a month or so.  They are mostly using social media (facebook and youtube) to do these videos, and they hope you'll tune in for some of the fun. 

They want you to know that they appreciate ALL of your support, whether it be by e-mail notes, writing a positive review on this page's guestbook, or on facebook, by supporting a restaurant they perform (The Sauer Kraut Gril is open again at 25% guest capacity and Rudi Lechner's Restaurant is still offering take out), or by sharing their videos with your friends online.    If you have the means and would like to contribute to help keep the music going, they would love your help.  There is a "donate" button at the top of the valina polka page, under the Pretzel and Bier bar, that links to paypal.   Or make a check to Das Ist Lustig, PO Box 424, Sugar Land, Texas, 77487. 

ALL forms of support, not just monetary, are crucial at a time like this, and that support goes in all directions.  Music can help get us all through these times, and Das Ist Lustig is committed to keeping the happy music flowing for you!